Star Whisper was created by  Yvonne M. Frederick primarily as an online boutique and “pop-up shop”,  circa 2015.  Quickly, Yvonne became enveloped in the fun and fantastical world of craft shows and anime conventions.

Star Whisper centers around fantasy illustrations and a mystical bakery in the woods.

HANDMADE, kawaii (cute), food-based miniature jewelry, savory and sweet, can be found in the Star Whisper Woods as well as artistic prints, original artwork, and illustrative sculptures.

Yvonne is constantly overwhelmed (in the very best way) when people exclaim their excitement over how “tiny and cute” her handmade items are.   She  loves when customers comment how thrilled they are at how “realistic” the sculpted jewelry appears to be, albeit on a miniature scale.

As long as her customers continue to be thrilled with her work, Yvonne will continue to create! She thanks you all for your continuous support.